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WankCoin Upgrades All Coins To ERC20 Tokens on the Ethereum Platform

• Posted: 2018-05-22 11:59:18

Unlike most of the other crypto currencies being lauded these days, WankCoin sought to innovate before the modern token frenzy first began. Now, already accepted as payment on hundreds of active websites and soon to be tradable on virtually every major crypto exchange, WankCoin has become the most trusted and widely accepted niche specific crypto token for anyone seeking to buy or sell items within the adult industry. The coins are being upgraded to ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum platform and anyone with existing WankCoin can convert their coins to the new token version for free. [ Read More ]

Traffic Force VAST In-Stream Ad Channels Prove Even More Effective On Mobile

• Posted: 2018-05-08 11:59:51

Recently Traffic Force announced the launch of VAST In-Stream Ad Channels on their award winning ad platform. Now interesting data is becoming available, and it shows that the new features are proving to be even more profitable for marketers via mobile device traffic. [ Read More ]

Webmaster Central VR Now Allows Paid Clip And Scene Downloads

• Posted: 2018-05-02 16:40:19

Webmaster Central continues to evolve its industry leading content distribution system, and has now added an entirely new revenue stream for its content partners and publishers to profit on! [ Read More ]

Traffic Force Releases VAST In Stream Video Pre-Roll Ad Channels

• Posted: 2018-05-01 11:59:15

As the opportunities for advertisers online continue to evolve, and prohibitions on popunders continue to mount, Traffic Force is proudly announcing the next step forward with VAST technology fully integrated into the player and ad platform across all niches. This new ad solution allows marketers to reach consumers via video stream ads similar to those displayed on YouTube and other popular mainstream video platforms. [ Read More ]

7Veils Named Official Social Media Provider of AWSummit

• Posted: 2018-04-25 18:24:07

AWSummit is proud to announce the addition of 7Veils Social Media as the official social media provider of the world’s premier Cam Show, from June 5thto 7thin Mamaia Romania this year. The show features a world class awards gala, many business opportunities for studios, cam networks and models along with an amazing level of luxury throughout all aspects of the show. [ Read More ]


• Posted: 2018-04-24 14:01:53

ImLive has always placed efficient and prompt payment at the forefront of it priorities. This can be clearly seen in their reaction to the recent news that Choice Bank had been forced to withdraw its services to some of the industry’s biggest players including FirstChoice Pay, ImLive’s biggest payment provider. [ Read More ]

Bang Bros Signs Massive Global Licensing Deal With NMG Management

• Posted: 2018-04-11 13:10:15

One of the biggest brands in the history of adult entertainment surprised many as Bang Bros announced its decision to put their truly massive catalog of top quality content into play as part of a global licensing deal with NMG Management. The move signifies a potential tipping point in large scale brand licensing of erotica, with so many top converting titles now available for the first time ever via broadcast and DVD distribution channels as the full potential of the brand now being activated. [ Read More ]

Dani Daniels Joins Fan Centro

• Posted: 2018-04-10 16:29:48

Adult Film Superstar Dani Daniels Gives Fans Access To Her Daily Kinkiness! We are proud to announce the addition of Dani Daniels of Fan Centro platform. Fan Centro gives performers the ability to offer a premium Snapchat for there fans [ Read More ]


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